Jupiter Science Higher Secondary School is her own ambassador. As a tree is best known from its fruits, Jupiter Science Higher Secondary School by virtue of her consistently attractive results has become everybody’s favourite. As a part of the glorious Gandhi Group of Institutions, Jupiter Science Higher Secondary School retains the quality to bring in innovations in the domain of higher education.

When we set up this Science Higher Secondary School in 2002, we introduced the concept of “teaching and coaching under one roof”. We knew it very well that all Science students would get its benefit. It really proved beneficial. One of our students K.K. Saiprasad by name got I.I.T. at the first chance without any outside coaching as soon as he passed out in the year 2007. This is not a miracle, but a fact, quite possible in the scientific ambience in Jupiter Science Higher Secondary School.

Now, this concept of teaching and coaching blended together is being widely followed all over the state. We have introduced a new teaching method, first ever in the state, under the tag of “Jupiter Model of Teaching”. This method of novelty and effectiveness is successfully carried out by the Jupiter Brand of Teachers.

We have great faith in the ability of students. Here, we aim at the students’ interest to learn. They can exercise their ability satisfactorily in the company of well behaving and experienced teachers. Literally speaking, students and teachers both stay connected with each other in a cordial manner for the common pursuit of academic excellence.